Use Grammarly for Perfect Article Writing

Content writer, bloggers, and content marketers spend most of their time in crafting enticing and professionally written articles. A correctly written article can boost your conversion rate as well as visitors engaging time. So, it is essential you must proofread your posts before publishing.

And checking each post twice or thrice is not that simple, for that, you can use Grammarly – an advanced and most used grammar checker tool available in the market for proofreading and correcting grammar errors.

Grammarly checks your content for more than 400 grammatical mistakes and suggests corrections accordingly including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence style, etc. in real time. You don’t have to hassle to use it; it suggests all the mistakes and recommendations in the sidebar. When you start writing or paste something in the editor, its algorithm starts working right away and highlight wrong words with red and yellow lines. So, you can fix those problems within minutes.

The best part is there is also detailed explanation appear why something is wrong and how to fix it. Along with grammar, it also has plagiarism feature to check duplicate content and thus make all of your copies unique to avoid plagiarism. Now, the only thing you keep in mind is, this feature costs money. You have to buy a premium plan for this feature along with other exclusive features that are not included in free version.

Luckily, there are many Grammarly alternatives and similar tools like these are available on the internet that also provide almost identical features as well as functionalities but at cheap rates such as ProWritingAid. It costs less but almost delivers the same benefits.

How Grammarly Can Help You Craft Fine Articles

As mentioned in the start that Grammarly comes with 400+ rules checking, so it scans all of your stuff for dozens of errors and provides corrections.

Here are few ones;

1. Grammar Checking

Grammarly checks text for grammar rules and highlights all the errors in real time with suggestions. Which means you don’t have to read the entire article again and again to address problems. It saves you a lot of time and energy.

2. Sentence Structure

If you write a sentence in wrong way, it’ll also suggest tips and specific practices to craft an excellent looking sentence. In other words, it also helps you avoid sentence fragment. In short, Grammarly is best for making long or wordy sentence short for better understanding.

3. Punctuation Checking

Punctuation is essential for any writer, this tool automatically analyzes and show proper punctuation to deliver the actual message of your article or sentence. Wrong punctuation can change the entire meaning of your saying.

4. Plagiarism

Do you hire online writer often time? If so, it is important to check the authenticity of your content before publishing. Plagiarism scans the text with online available web pages and verifies if there is any similar copy available on the internet. Grammarly has a giant database of millions of pages to analyze provided documents and text. But, you can also use Copyscape for this purpose.

5. Real Human for Proofreading

If you’re not satisfied with the Grammarly’s algo, then you can always contact the real human or expert as the Grammarly also offer real human proofreading at a cost. Though, it will cost you extra money but you’ll get an awesome and error-free contents.