Top Linode Alternatives Reviewed 2024

When it comes to simplified developer cloud hosting Linode is a good name to consider. However, there are also some reasons that make people search for the best Linode alternatives.

There is no second opinion that Linode is a powerful cloud hosting provider that holds huge scalable solutions. Whether you want to develop an application or a website or searching for high GPU power solutions Linode covers you there.

Why Linode Alternatives and Similar Competitors

If you already tried Linode, you might be aware of its limitations. That means you can simply ignore this section and can move to the list of best Linode alternatives mentioned below.

  • The first and foremost limitation is the absence of customer support channels. The primary way of getting help from their technical support department is only by submitting email tickets. There is no quick Live Chat support that some cloud companies offering even keeping the prices of their plans low. However, Linode offers a community chat where you can reach out to other users but not the company support. So in my point of view if you think you are not experienced enough with server management then picking a company with expeditious support channels is preferable.
  • Linode is a Linux specialized cloud hosting provider which means you can install almost any Linux distribution. While they do not officially support Windows server so far. But it is possible to install Windows on their server however keep in mind the company won’t provide you any technical assistance if you are using Windows on their server.
  • Another thing that I notice is the short refund policy. If you don’t like their services you have just 7 days to rule out your Linode account.

The important thing to remember that a company single-handedly cannot meet the needs of all types of customers. So if you don’t find your project-specific features you will surely need to look into quality Linode alternatives.

With some alternatives, for your ease, I also mention what it is best for. I hope this might assist you in selecting the best Linode alternative.

Top 10 Best Linode Alternatives 2024

1. Kamatera Cloud

Kamatera is a high-performance cloud hosting provider that is equipped with the latest hardware that a cloud infrastructure should in order to ensure reliable services. Compared to Linode, Kamatera is a giant cloud infrastructure provider that is well satisfying its customers with its 99.95% uptime guarantee and ample availability of data center locations.

Alongside cloud hosting, Kamatera also came up with a variety of project-specific packages like mobile application hosting and eCommerce hosting, etc. Besides unmanaged cloud hosting, they offer managed cloud solutions. Kamatera is partnered with Microsoft which means they provide managed Microsoft business servers such as MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, MS CRM, and MS Dynamics AX.

There are various reasons why Kamatera is a top alternative to Linode. First of all, you will get an affordable cloud hosting backed by the fastest Intel Platinum processors, 40 Gbit networking, and complete SSD storage. Each server will be provided with an allocated amount of resources. You can avail up to copious 104 vCPU and 512 GB of RAM.

Kamatera is a generous cloud hosting provider. Unlike Linode, Kamatera offers a 30-days free trial account. You will be presented with $100 worth of resources. This is great as you can take a taste of their services without investing. In order to avail of the free trial account, you need to provide credit card details. There will be a $1 — $2 transaction but not to worry it’s for verification purposes and the amount will automatically be refunded.

Kamatera allows the user to craft the plan as per their requirements. Compared to Linode, Kamatera is a more cost-effective cloud provider. A $4/month plan includes 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD, 1 vCPU and 1000GB data transfer. On the other hand, Linode offers no such low priced plans. Adding more, Unlike Linode, Kamatera not just focuses on the Linux server they also officially support the Windows server. Here note that Windows servers are a little bit pricey due to the licensing fee.

In conjunction with cutting edge hardware, Kamatera is maintaining infrastructure in more regions than Linode. You can choose from 13 low latency locations located across 4 continents. This enables you to significantly reduce the latency so your site/app users experience fast loading time.

With monthly and hourly billing you don’t need any refund policy. Since you just need to pay for the month you are using their cloud services so you can cancel the account anytime.

The customer support is another area where Kamatera has a clear advantage over Linode. Where Linode offers support services merely via submitting tickets, Kamatera offers 24/7 technical Live Chat, Phone, and Ticket submitting. So compared to Linode, if you are in trouble while using Kamatera you can quickly access their support team. Honestly speaking, Kamatera offers a solid deal where you can start at a remarkably low price and can avail of huge scalable solutions.

Visit Here to get 30-days free trial account:

2. Vultr — Cheap Linode Alternative

Vultr is currently running a decent promotion where the company is offering $100 worth of hosting credit if you deposit just $25. This will allow you to take a taste of their higher performance servers without invest much.

Their major competitive advantage is the availability of data center locations around the world. The reason why data center location is imperative that it plays a vital role in delivering low latency services. If you placed your server near your audience the data takes less time to travel between server and user. At the time of launching a server, Vultr presents 16 data center choices.Since 2014, Vultr is on a mission to provide simplifying cloud hosting and putting greater control in the developer’s hands. With such a short period of time, the company has deployed 30m+ instances until now. The more global coverage, low priced plans, availability of latest hardware, and quick scalability makes them a close Linode alternative.

The company is well-taking care of scalability. You will never get out of options when your app needs more room to grow. You can avail up to 24 vCPU, 96GB RAM and 1600 GB of SSD storage. If that’s not enough for you, Vultr also holds a state of the art dedicated cloud and Bare Metal solution. Additionally, for horizontal scaling, you can deploy 1-click load balancers for enhanced reliability.

If we compare prices then both Linode and Vultr offer similar specs with similar price tags. However, Vultr offers two very basic plans start at just $2.50/month and $3.50/mo. So if you are looking for a cost-effective cloud hosting for learning purposes you can go with such low priced plans. For some serious work go for at least a $5 plan. With this plan, you will get 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD storage, 1 vCPU, and 1TB data transfer.

Vultr puts users ease at focus, as a result, you will get a nice straightforward control panel. In less than a min, you are able to launch your very own server. It makes creation API keys, team management, DNS management, and backups enormously easy.

With the inclusion of a one-click installer, you can deploy applications such as WordPress, LEMP, Minecraft, Docker and many more. Furthermore, the control panel also illustrates the graphical presentation of server health. You can determine the usage and when peak activity happens.

If you are searching for a Linode alternative for setting up a Windows server then Vultr could be your potential choice. The company supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Plus, you can even upload your ISO file.

Just like Kamatera, Vultr offer monthly and hourly billing cycle. In this, you pay only for the month of which you are using their services. It means you can cancel their services anytime and stop further billing.

Similar to Linode, Vultr provides technical support through email tickets. This is a little inconvenience but their ticketing system is pretty active and you will get a response in around 30min which is impressive for a ticketing system. There are also lots of helpful articles. As a whole, yes they lack the quick live chat or phone support but you can rely on their ticketing system. They offer reliable cloud hosting solutions and instant scalability.

3. CloudWays — Best Managed Cloud Hosting for Developers and Bloggers

CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting platform employing better simplicity than Linode. Founded in 2009, the company grew with a special business model than most of the other hosting companies. So what is CloudWays doing? Instead of maintaining their own data centers the company is utilizing other company’s complex cloud platforms (like AWS and Google Cloud) and presenting it to you in the most simplified form so you can easily reap the maximum benefit.

Through CloudWays you can choose AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode cloud infrastructure to host your project. So what makes you buy Cloud hosting from CloudWays instead of directly buying it from the respective provider? First of all, it’s the simplicity that empowers you to take advantage of extremely fast cloud hosting. For a beginner setting up a server on AWS and Google Cloud is highly complex. You might don’t even know where to start so CloudWays is the best opportunity to make use of such reliable as well as scalable cloud infrastructure.

There are various other reasons to termed CloudWays as the best Linode alternative. For instance, you can make use of any operating system of your choice. They will fully support you in case of any tricky situation. Furthermore, you will get better security, easy CDN integration, team management tool, and server Auto-Healing.

The least plan costs $10/month. It contains 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD storage, 1 core CPU and 1TB bandwidth. Although Linode is a pretty scalable cloud provider but CloudWays as they hold 5 different cloud infrastructures you will never get out of options. And scaling up resources to meet your growing app needs is super easy.

Just like Linode, CloudWays provides a fully virtual environment where you will get a specified amount of resources. The number of data centers depends on the cloud provider you choose. As a whole, there are around more than 25 data centers.

CloudWays is more feature-rich than Linode. Each of the provided servers equipped with advanced built-in caching systems such as Varnish, Nginx, Memcached, and Redis for quick responses. Furthermore, Linode may not be a good choice for WordPress users due to limited support channels and unmanaged environment. On the other hand, CloudWays not only support you regarding any problematic situation but their hosting also comprises built-in WordPress caching for free.

As far as security concerns, CloudWays has taken adequate security measures. All of their provided cloud servers are protected by dedicated firewalls for preventing malicious traffic landing on your website. They are also pretty active in performing regular security patches. The best part you can easily activate let’s encrypt SSL with a matter of few clicks while on Linode there is no such facility. The company makes it enormously easy for developers to make use of staging area, Git integration, API, SSH, and a bunch of other advanced tools.

Customer support is another area that makes CloudWays a good alternative to Linode. The non-stop availability of live chat and ticketing support convert web hosting worries into the peace of mind. Yes, they charge higher compared to Linode, but in return, you will get the worth for your money. The blazing-fast servers, sturdy security, real-time monitoring, and customer support are their ways of taking care of your professional projects.

4. LiquidWeb — Best Managed alternative to Linode for Heavy Traffic Website and Apps

Liquidweb is a well-recognized name for its impressive performance servers, rock hard security, and heroic support services. Since its inception in 1997, the company is offering various services including managed cloud VPS, dedicated servers and Enterprise solutions. Because of their excellence, there is no doubt why the world brands like to use their services. Because of its solid performance, the company also earned the INC.500 award for the fastest-growing companies.

LiquidWeb is more like hosting for companies and bigger projects with huge traffic. But fortunately, they now also focus on individual customers. When it comes to the best Linode alternative for managed cloud hosting LiquidWeb is one of the potential competitors.

Similar to Linode, LiquidWeb provides a dedicated environment and administrative access to the server. However, what they did extraordinarily is the choice between 3 control panels. While setting up an account LiquidWeb put a choice in front of you to choose from cPanel Pro, InterWorx, Web Plesk Pro or no control panel. So whether you need clean cloud VPS for developing purpose or want a control panel for easy website management LiquidWeb is a solid choice over Linode.

If you already hosting a website you may be familiar with cPanel. It is most powerful for managing a website and hosting features. Using cPanel features managing databases, creating backups, custom email accounts and lots of more tasks is enormously easy. And the best part for using any of these control panels you don’t have to pay any additional amount.

On the pricing side, LiquidWeb delivers more money value compared to Linode. Currently, they are running an attractive offer where most basic plan starting at just $15/month. It consists of 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD storage, 10 TB bandwidth, and 2 vCPU. And guess what there is more. They also provide free 100 GB backup storage. On the other hand, if you want to use cPanel with the Linode server it will cost you significantly more. Also, for backups, Linode will charge you an additional amount.

Unlike Linode, LiquidWeb offers both Linux and Windows-based servers. Here is a drawback that LiquidWeb does not offer as much data centers as Linode. Furthermore, you will get low pricing only if you go for like 1-year or 2-year billing cycle.

While utilizing LiquidWeb, you don’t have to worry about speed and security. With each of their account, you will get SSD storage which is way much faster than spinning HDD. Opposite to Linode, LiquidWeb is employing several security measures such as integrated firewall, DDOS attack protection, and enhanced ServerSecure security. Plus, the inclusion of Cloudflare CDN not only boost speed but also filter out malicious traffic.

The company called their support department as the most helpful humans in hosting. And yes they are absolutely delivering heroic support. Where Linode totally overlooks the importance of quick chat, LiquidWeb offers 24/7/365 live chat, phone, and ticketing system. The Live Chat is pretty active you get connected to their agent in under a min. Overall, LiquidWeb is an excellent Linode alternative packed with top quality services, amazing support, and understandable pricing.

5. DigitalOcean

Here is another solid choice as a Linode alternative that presents a comfortable place to developers. They are employing a business structure similar to Linode but with more ease and large cloud infrastructure. When it comes to affordable cloud hosting alongside a 99.99% uptime guarantee, DigitalOcean is one of the considerable choices. So far the company has deployed 78MM droplets for more than 1MM developers.

At DigitalOcean there is no scarcity of state of the art technologies and scalable options which makes it an enticing alternative, especially for developers. Without any additional cost, you will be given fully solid-state storage. Additionally, the best-in-class 40GbE networking connectivity and enterprise-grade KVM are there to ensure fast speed as well as security.

When talking about hosting companies with huge strategically located infrastructure around the world, DigitalOcean is one of them. They will cover the regions of Europe, the US, and Asia. While setting up a server they allow you to choose between 12 data center locations.

Both DigitalOcean and Linode offer similar price-spec cloud hosting packages. Starting from the least one, it will cost you $5/month. The plan has 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 25 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB data transfer. Further, they categorized the plan as Standard, General Purpose, CPU-Optimized, and Memory-Optimized making it easier to pick the one that perfectly suits your project needs. For example, CPU Optimized is good for applications like machine learning and batch processing, etc.

There are lots of rooms to grow up your project as well as the availability of various supporting services. You can add up more resources instantly to avoid outages. Without any hassle managed databases, load balancers, object and block storage will be handed over to you on your request. The good thing, for heightened productivity, a user can avail managed Kubernetes in a matter of a few minutes.

DigitalOcean comes with an intuitive user interface. It provides easy access to all the essential features like DNS, operating system and server launching. The included 1-click installer support tons of apps such as WordPress, Docker, Node.js, LAMP and more. Developers can play around using RESTful API, CLI, GitHub and server root access.

This Linode alternative provides seamless infrastructure monitoring. With a real-time summary, you can view how your droplet is performing. Plus, you can set alert for any metrics and get notified whenever a metric cross defined limits.

Besides having various attractive features and reliable quality it also has some negatives urging some users to search for DigitalOcean alternatives. Just like Linode, DigitalOcean officially supports only Linux OS. However, you can install Windows on your own there are lots of tutorials available online. The other downside is the limited support channels. You can submit support tickets regardless of time however the response might take around a day.

So if you are good with these limitations DigitalOcean is an incredible place for developers. But if you are a beginner I would highly recommend Kamatera because they offer expeditious live chat.

6. HostWinds

HostWinds is an affordable Linode alternative hosting provider that offers the customer-centric individual to business-level solutions. It is founded in 2010 which covers Shared, Business, Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated servers.

The reasons that make HostWinds a good alternative to Linode is the expeditious support department, the ability to host both Windows and Linux OS, and impressive SSD based servers. On top of that, they are pretty confident and well meeting their 99.999% uptime guarantee that yields higher stability.

The company offers VPS and Cloud hosting packages separately while both are almost similar where you will be provided with an allotted amount of resources and server root access. However, do not confuse here as the only difference between them is the billing cycle.

So if you need low-cost but trustworthy reliable services for a few hours then HostWinds cloud hosting comes with an hourly billing structure. Alternatively, if you want to pay monthly then VPS packages are good to go.

HostWinds is offering Windows and Linux VPS plans. With just around 20 seconds you are able to launch your server.

On the pricing side, HostWinds offer more affordable pricing compared to Linode. If I talk about hourly pricing, HostWinds not just cost you low but also give slightly more storage. Their very first cloud hosting plan cost $0.006931/hr. comprises 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB bandwidth. While if you want to go with the monthly billing cycle the same amount of resources will cost you just $4.49/mo.

If you are seeking Linode competitor for setting up a Windows server, HostWinds Windows VPS plans come with just $9.89/mo. Compared to Linux, Windows plans are pricey because most Linux operating systems are free while Windows is a paid OS. However, here you don’t have to pay any additional licensing fee as it is already included with the plan price.

The good thing for novices that if you are afraid of server management or simply don’t want to get into this fuss, HostWinds provides reliable and incredibly low price managed VPS hosting for both Windows and Linux users. With a very slight increase in price, you will get managed hosting where their support team is responsible for technical diagnostics.

HostWinds not just focus on maintaining low pricing but also carry a bunch of features. Regardless of managed or unmanaged plans, you are surrounded by features like nightly backups, instant scalability, and full server control. While Linode does not include any backup service with the plan. Moreover, HostWinds well assess the importance of security. Their packages included with enterprise firewalls and DDoS protection.

In terms of data center locations, HostWinds does not offer as much as Linode. They only offer 3 data centers located in Seattle, Dallas, and Amsterdam. They provide a decent control panel that permits the user to upload custom ISO, real-time monitoring, and installing various applications via the one-click installer.

For support, Hostwinds is undoubtedly better than Linode. With an unmanaged plan, you will get limited support and is pretty on your own for server diagnosing. While their support department is responsible for server management and other server related technical queries when it comes to managed VPS. You can contact them using 24/7 live chat, phone or sending them email tickets.

7. DreamHost

If you are searching the best Linode alternative for your storage-intensive project then search nowhere DreamHost is a perfect choice. Founded back in 1997, DreamHost is not just a cloud hosting provider. Alongside cloud infrastructure, the company is popular for its shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. And if you are searching a domain name DreamHost not only offers first-time low price TLDs but also renewals at very affordable pricing. So compared to Linode, DreamHost is a one-stop-shop.

For easy WordPress deployment, DreamHost shared hosting is not only a reliable and secure place but offers distinctive protection to your money too. On the shared hosting annual plan you can ask for a refund within the first 97-days. So in case if you need shared hosting in the future keep them in mind as one of the potential considerations.

Similar to its competitor, DreamHost cloud infrastructure (DreamCompute) assembled with solid-state storage, Ceph and Openstack. The good thing their cloud hosting is free from vendor lock-in. It is compatible with Amazon S3 for reliable and fast storage.

The company offers full root access to the server where they put no virtual limit in operating system choices. Their cloud server can be based on Linux, Windows or BSD. Whether you want to use ruby, python, node.js, Redis or MongoDB they cover everything.

DreamHost unmanaged cloud hosting solutions are an ideal choice for experienced developers without breaking the bank. Starting from the very first plan it contains 80 GB SSD storage, 1 vCPU, Free bandwidth, and 512 MB RAM. Plus, 100 GB of block storage. And all of these things cost you just $4.50/month.

What makes them even cheaper than Linode, that they charge you for up to 600 hours (25 days) and the remaining days won’t cost you anything. Here free bandwidth means the upload and download bandwidth won’t cost you until the company decided to end this promotion.

There is a little downside that unlike Linode, DreamCompute won’t offer you that many plans. They offer only 3 cloud hosting plans with up to 8GB RAM and 4 vCPU. So for impressive performance and affordable packages DreamCompute is an ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you need Managed Hosting packages with a dedicated amount of resources their VPS plans are the solid alternative to Linode. You don’t have to worry about security, performance, and regular updates. The VPS plans provide unlimited traffic and the ability to host an unlimited number of websites. Installing an SSL on Linode can be messy for you but DreamHost VPS offers built-in Let’s encrypt SSL that can be activated with a click. On the top, you are covered by a 100% uptime guarantee.

Customer Support is another area that makes DreamHost an excellent Linode alternative. Besides support ticket submitting, you can avail live chat 5:30 AM–9:30 PM PT regardless of the day. Plus, for more quick help the user can submit a phone call request. However, I never tried the phone call option.

With DreamCompute you will be given basic support due to unmanaged environment while with VPS plans they provide full technical assistance. So for skilled developers, DreamHost is surely a considerable option that is free from vendor lock-in and lets you make use of developer language libraries, surplus storage, and amazingly low pricing. If you don’t mind the price feel free to take a look at their VPS packages which is, in fact, similar to Cloud but comes with more features and ease.

8. A2hosting

A2hosting is an all-rounder alternative to Linode. From domain name to dedicated servers they encompass various hosting solutions to meet the individual to business needs. Founded in 2001, the company is exerting great efforts to provide stable and secure services.

Compared to Linode, A2hosting has taken various measures to make sure the delivery of lowest latency services. So first of all, just like Linode they also provide complete SSD hosting which is known to be 20x faster than HDDs. They put all of your website content and databases in SSDs.

Additionally, other speed friendly technologies make possible the lowest services such as HTTP/2 and built-in Cloudflare. Plus, for faster speed, they include pre-configured LiteSpeed Cache for multiple softwares like WordPress, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop, etc. So besides app, their cloud hosting is also an excellent choice for a WordPress website.

Although the above-mentioned technologies deliver screaming fast services but if you need more they also offer some add-ons. The Turbo Boost improves your website loading time by making use of page-level Turbo caching, SPY, and ESI.

Another thing that makes A2hosting a potential Linode alternative is the availability of their cloud VPS in 3 management levels. It gives you the ability to pick the packages based on your experience and little control over cost. You can choose from unmanaged, managed and Core VPS plans. If you are an experienced developer who knows how to deal with the server and operating system the unmanaged plans are the best deal.

On the other hand, Managed and Core VPS plans are almost similar besides that Core VPS provides you server root access. Both come with the most powerful control panel (cPanel) to manage features including backups, 1-click installer and more. Opposite to unmanaged VPS, here the company is responsible to diagnose and assist you regarding technical issues.

The best part A2hosting allows you to craft your plan as per your requirements. They do offer some pre-made plans but you can also configure a server upon your requirements.

The unmanaged plans priced at just $5/month. It holds 20 GB SSD webspace, 512 MB RAM, 1 CPU core, and 2 TB data transfer. You can manage an unmanaged server via command line however if you opt OS with Webuzo you will get Webuzo free control panel which is not that popular like cPanel but permits you to manage essential hosting features and to install applications easily.

A2hosting provides only 4 data center locations in total. You can choose between Michigan, Arizona, Europe, and Singapore datacenter. Compared to Linode, A2hosting is more cautious about security. For that reason, they are assisting their users by making available easy CloudFlare security integration. Managed and Core VPS plan users even get more in the form of DDoS protection, KernelCare Automatic updates, Dual firewall, easy SSL integration, and Virus scanning.

A2hosting support department always stays available via Live Chat, Email, and Phone. And the impressive thing is they provide anytime money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with their services you can ask for a full refund within the first 30-days. After 30-days refund will be pro-rated based on the unused services. Overall, A2hosting doing a great job compared to Linode in terms of speed, security, support and refund policy which makes them surely an option to try.

9. Amazon LightSail

Amazon Lightsail is a big name on the board when it comes to the best Linode alternatives. You might be aware of Amazon web services which is a famous name and a trusted platform to get access to numerous web services. However, unlike Linode and most of the other cloud hosting companies, it is not that straightforward to configure a server on AWS. That is why AWS introduced its simple yet highly scalable cloud hosting called Amazon Lightsail.

If configuring a server on AWS is overwhelming or you just want simplicity, Amazon Lightsail provides you the best opportunity to take advantage of cutting edge hardware. So just like Linode at Lightsail, they provide a range of cloud hosting packages to choose from.

The best part of Amazon Lightsail that it maintains a managed environment where Lightsail configure networking, access and security aspects automatically to make it possible to quickly deploy a server. Their servers fully support Linux/Windows OS, API to easily integrate your application with others. Plus, Dev/test environment makes it a better alternative to Linode for developers as this feature lets you create a testing environment and test codes outside of your main project.

Although Linode offers tons of data center locations but Amazon Lightsail provides more coverage allowing you to locate near your customers. This will facilitate in improving the website/app response time. They let the user choose from 13 data centers situated in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

If you want to host a Windows server, Amazon Lightsail is the potential alternative for Linode as they offer huge scalability and officially support it. Both Windows and Linux plans are maintained separately. The best thing Amazon Lightsail allow its customers to take a taste of their services using a 1-month free trial account. And AWS customers can enjoy free services for 12 months.

Another area that makes Amazon Lightsail a potential alternative for Linode is the prices. The surprising part you can take benefit from their state of the art infrastructure even at low prices than Linode. By just spending $5/month you can acquire 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, 2 TB data transfer, and abundant 40 GB SSD storage. Unlike Linode, there is also a $3.50/month plan you can start with that too and can easily scale up the resources when needed.

For Windows the plan you can start at $8/month with 512 MB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 30 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB bandwidth. Windows plans are higher in prices compared to Linux because Windows is a paid OS while most Linux distributions are available to install free of cost.

The beauty of Amazon Lightsail offers an immense amount of resources sufficient to meet the requirements of any type of project. Without any inconvenience, you can add services like Managed databases, huge block storage solutions, and simplified Load balancers. And when your idea grows beyond Amazon Lightsail capabilities you can move your project to AWS EC2 via guided experience.

Besides having cornerstone cloud infrastructure there is a downside of using Amazon Lightsail which may be a deal-breaker for some users. Sadly, they do not offer Email or Live Chat support. What they offer is a rich knowledge base full of helpful articles. They offer paid support plans which are expensive and not practical options specifically for those seeking affordable alternatives to Linode. As a whole Amazon Lightsail is a good deal to grab if the omission of human support won’t bother you.

10. Interserver

Interserver is a long time running hosting provider that is serving customers around the world for the past 21 years. Although during such huge duration technology shift drastically so that Interserver also evolve to stay as Best In Class hosting provider.

Interserver offers tons of options allowing its users to pick the hosting solutions as per their requirements and budget. You are covered by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their hosting solutions range from shared to dedicated servers. You can also buy private email hosting from them. Although cloud hosting is pretty affordable but still if you are looking for low-cost Windows hosting, Interserver is offering shared hosting plans starting at just $4/month.

Interserver supports Windows, Linux and for creating a website they also offer straightforward WordPress Cloud VPS packages. So, it’s a good alternative to Linode if you are hunting for something more powerful and scalable for your growing website. You can launch your WordPress VPS in just 20min which is optimized with Nginx, FastCGI, and caching plugin.

Interserver Cloud VPS is an attractive package of reliability and affordability. The RAID 10 based SSD storage not only provides speed but also security to your site data as the data is not just being stored in a single drive. Interserver supports almost every Linux distribution so if you want to host Linux you can go with them with no worry.

When it comes to pricing, Interserver is cheaper than Linode. With just $6/month you will get 1 Core, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 2 TB data transfer. So compared to Linode’s most basic plan, Interserver costs you just $1 more while provides significantly more RAM, storage, and data transfer. You can avail up to 32GB RAM and 16 CPU Cores before moving to their dedicated solution.

For controlling your VPS server you will be provided with the Webuzo control panel. It is free to use and allows you to install 450+ apps using the 1-click installer.

Interserver is offering a unique deal where if you buy 4 slices from them you will get managed support. This means you can have faith in their support department for security patches, OS issues, and diagnosing any failed services. Interserver is employing better security practices than Linode. They are utilizing KVM, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Hyper-v virtualization which are known for security practices.

A thing that may bother some users is the availability of data centers. You can choose between just two data centers located on the West Coast (Log Angeles, CA) and East Coast (Secaucus, NJ).

For Windows users, they offer 16 Cloud VPS packages to choose from. The least one starts at just $10/month contains 1 Core, 2GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 2 TB data transfer. Having such a huge amount of scalable resources, enhanced security and stability make it an appealing choice.

Are you in trouble and want expert’s help quickly, Linode does not cover you there but Interserver does. They offer 24/7/365 Live Chat and Email support. All in all, Interserver brings you a complete package as a Linode alternative comprises secured services, plentiful scalable resources, and affordable pricing. Due to monthly billing if you are not satisfied with their services you can cancel anytime.

Final Thoughts on Linode Alternatives

So by viewing the above list, you realized that Linode is not only the cloud hosting provider in the town. I have scrupulously handpicked the top 10 best Linode alternatives to give you a variety of options.

Kamatera is one of the best Linode alternatives that is beating the Linode in almost every aspect. They enable you to take advantage of all that Linode has to offer and even more features. The company support both Windows and Linux servers, secured hosting, 99.95% uptime. You will get more value in return for your money. On top of all, they also offer a 30-days free trial account.

Meanwhile, Vultr is another solid alternative to Linode. They offer similar services to Linode. Vultr offers low-cost entry plans, more data center choices than Linode and support for Windows and Linux. The simplified control panel and huge scalable makes it a direct competitor to Linode.