Twitter integration coming to iOS 5 with native photo sharing options?

TechCrunch reports that they have heard from multiple sources that Twitter is going to have a partnership with Apple that would allow Twitter and its services to get deeper integration in iOS 5. Twitter is on the verge of launching its own photo service to compete with the likes of yFrog, TwitPic etc and this partnership could help promote its service because if Apple integrates their service in its iOS operating system, then it will certainly become easily accessible to millions of iOS users all around the world.

If Twitter’s services are integrated in iOS 5 then users will be able to share their photos right from their native photos app with just a few taps, just like they currently share Youtube videos in iOS 4. The users won’t have to do anything to enable this service other than signing in to their Twitter accounts.

Apple is all set to introduce iOS 5, Mac OS X, and iCloud on 6 June at WWDC 2011. We will be covering the event and the announced products here, so stay tuned!