2024’s Best Contabo Alternatives for High Grade Web Hosting Services

Looking for the best Contabo alternatives to host your projects for high availability, speed, and stability?

We have gathered some topnotch web hosting alternatives to Contabo for you, so let’s get started!

9 Best Contabo Alternatives and Competitors for 2024 & Beyond

1. BlueHost — Best “Shared Hosting” Contabo Alternative

BlueHost has been a reliable and favorite name in the web hosting provider which is why mostly counted in one of the largest hosting providers. Although they were a little bit late in joining the SSD hosting club but now they are providing a complete SSD web hosting package. It started its journey in 2003 as an independent company however since 2010 it is operating under the flag of Endurance International Group. Bluehost is powering 2M+ websites and a top-recommended web host by WordPress.org.

Whether its a domain name or you need a simplified hosting for starting a new website or searching for heavy-duty SSD hosting solution Bluehost is a one-stop-shop. For beginners, Bluehost is the ideal choice that offers a pretty straightforward way to launch a website.

On their shared SSD servers Bluehost employing a unique Resource Protection technology. In order to defend your website performance if a website on a server consuming excessive resources their technology will automatically shift that on a separate server temporarily. So even you are using their most affordable shared hosting plans they still able to provide you excellent performance.

Bluehost is a feature-loaded hosting provider armed with all the essentials that a website needs. Making use of scalability, SSL certificate, subdomains, and custom email accounts is enormously easy. The company provides you a protected environment however if you need more the company offers SiteLock add-on for vulnerabilities detection and fixing.

For providing more speed and security they have built-in free CloudFlare which you can enable by merely hitting a few clicks. Cloudflare has data centers all around the world and efficiently cache your website to deliver fast webpage loading to your visitors. Moreover, using Cloudflare you can set the security level to filter malicious traffic and some other vulnerabilities.

Backups are a vital part of any website and a strong defense line against data loss risk. Bluehost offers both Free and Paid backup where you don’t have much control over free backups. For paid backups, they offer CodeGuard add-on (around $3/month) which can automatically take daily backups as well as easy 1-click restoration. However, if you have a tight budget then absolutely there are free trusted ways to create backups.

An easy to use UI makes it a lot easier for rookies to do a variety of tasks without having any prior knowledge. Bluehost offers enhanced cPanel which is not only beautiful looking but also lets the user create email accounts, databases, backups, and access to some WordPress related tools. You can install almost every application of your choice using their included 1-click installer.

In this world where everything comes with a price tag, Bluehost is still offering some freebies such as domain name for the first year, free SSL for a lifetime, and with higher accounts a free MS office 365. The company offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. Here note that they clearly mention domains are nonrefundable which means even if you ask for a refund within 30-days they will issue a refund after deducting the domain fee. This also applies to the free domain name.

Bluehost gives its support department a significant position that is why they are offering live chat option however sometimes a bit sluggish but still a good way of contacting their support team. Some other ways to contact them are Support Tickets and Phone. In a nutshell, if you are planning for a pocket friendly but cutting edge SSD hosting, Bluehost is a simple to use hosting provider.

2. InMotionHosting — Best “Cloud VPS” Contabo Alternative

This popular Contabo alternative web hosting is well respected by beginners to professionals to carry out their serious projects. Founded in 2001, InMotionhosting is a privately held hosting provider that offers an impressive range of hosting packages from their platform. What makes them the best SSD hosting provider is the cutting edge high-performance servers, robust security, expeditious support, and whooping high protection to your money.

InMotion is among the companies that make SSD hosting easily accessible for those haunting for reliable but low-cost hosting. You will be provided with unlimited SSD storage and other specs crucial for setting up websites such as data transfer and professional custom email accounts.

By offering Max Speed Zones the company permits you to choose between East Coast and West Coast data centers. In addition to various data centers, they partnered with some largest ISP’s to support direct connections. The company is utilizing the most common RAID 5 storage mechanism which is known for redundant and reliability.

InMotion allows you to set up 2 domains on their most basic “Launch” plan. So if you want to set up 2 domains then managing 2 different websites from a single dashboard will be much easier than managing from 2 different control panels. The provision of renowned cPanel and Softaculous installation panel makes almost every complex task effortless. So whether you want to install WordPress for setting up a website or a Forum based project you don’t need any prior technical skills.

InMotion hosting plans also come with free perks. With the purchase of any annual plan, you will get a free domain name for the 1st year. They also include a free website builder and free SSL. For a jumpstart, the company is offering $150 advertising credit which you can spend on search engines to advertise your website and products. However, right now only US customers can claim this advertising credit.

With the inclusion of hack protection, DDoS protection, free SSL, and free backups you can focus on your website with full peace in mind. Furthermore, they also perform scanning on your websites and patched for any vulnerabilities. Sometimes updating an application to a new version create conflict with the other plugins and themes so to make this simple InMotion includes Safe Roll Back feature which allows users to safely shift back to the previous version.

InMotion hosting money-back guarantee is another thing that makes this SSD hosting provider a superior choice. Where mostly hosting providers offer a 30-days refund policy, InMotionHosting offers a generous 90-days money-back guarantee. This means the company is pretty confident and giving you plentiful time to test its services.

InMotion hosting knows how much it is important to keep the site alive. So if you need quick help to address any technical situation their support team is quickly accessible via Live Chat. Plus, you can submit a support ticket or just make a Phone call. They are also maintaining a community where you can ask questions or search for related topics.

In simple words, there is a great deal with attractive pricing. You will get unlimited SSD hosting with reliable performance. And a 90-days money-back guarantee is just sweet.

3. A2hosting — Best “VPS Hosting” Contabo Alternative

When it comes to screaming fast hosting that performs better than Contabo, A2hosting is one of the most significant names to consider. Whether you want to set up a new blog or a popular website A2hosting holds a variety of solutions to cover you. From a two-room office in Ann Arbor, the company started back in 2001. Your site will get the advantage of almost every speed friendly technology and the best thing everything is pre-configured and you don’t have to get your hands dirty into any technicalities.

A2hosting provides nearly unlimited SSD hosting where on the least plan you will get copious storage. They will store all of your website files and databases on SSDs so that to avoid any bottlenecks which may cause slow page loading. Moreover, they are using RAID 10 storage configuration which is known for high data protection against hardware failure. In this way, they are making sure fast speed as well as your website data security.

With A2optimized software, they provide pre-tuned performance for WordPress, Drupal, and many other applications. With ease, you can integrate free Cloudflare CDN for enhanced speed and security.

If you want to locate your website near your targeted audience so that they will experience blazing fast page loading time, A2hosting is the ideal choice. You can choose between Arizona, Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore which means strategically they have located their data center in each region.

A2hosting also offers some exclusive features with higher plans (Turbo Boost and Turbo Max) for enhanced speed. The fewer users per server and more resources per user on Turbo servers enable the company to deliver faster response website to your visitors. Plus, with these plans, you will get pre-configured site caching included with Memcached, APC/OPcache, and TurboCache. Another thing we like about A2hosting that unlike many other companies, A2hosting clearly mentions technical specifications provided with each plan.

With shared SSD hosting plans, the company offers an amazing Website Staging feature. This is very useful if you are used to testing new codes and plugins on your website. Website staging allows you to create a separate copy of your website where you can test all your updates and codes. It won’t affect your original website.

In terms of security, you will be in safe hands. A2hosting has taken various perpetual security measures. They provide daily and automatic KernelCare updates. Further, dual web hosting firewall, virus scanning, Auto-Healing system, and 24/7 server monitoring provides a solid defense line against DDoS, Brute force, and other security threats.

The good thing alongside ensuring speed and security, A2hosting also focuses on ease of use. During the purchasing process, they allow you to select free Let’s Encrypt SSL and an application that will come pre-installed with your hosting account. The provided cPanel lets you manage domains, emails, databases, and 1-click installer applications effortlessly.

For technical assistance, A2hosting support services stays available 24/7. In order to get help immediately, you can use live chat and phone. There is also a ticketing system which is slow in response but good for complex technical issues. A2hosting offers an impressive anytime back guarantee. You can ask for a full refund within the first 30-days and after that, unlike other web hosts if you ask for a refund they will issue on a pro-rated basis. A2hosting is a complete package of SSD hosting that not only provides speed and security centered hosting but also provides good protection to your funds.

4. FastComet — Best “Shared Cloud Hosting” Contabo Alternative

In an endeavor to provide the best quality SSD hosting, FastComet is a potential cloud-based hosting provider. Powered by SSD and other speed friendly technologies, FastComet delivers up to 300% faster access to your website files compared to the traditional spinning drives. Since its inception in 2013, the company is operating independently and severing individuals to corporate customers.

FastComet is obsessed with technologies to ensure speed and security for your projects. To make feasible the optimal performance of your website they offer 11 datacenter locations. It is more than the most hosting providers are offering right now. This means you can easily opt for the one that is nearest to your targeted audience. The best thing company provides 100% public network uptime.

Alongside solid-state storage solutions, FastComet also makes accessible several other performance-focused technologies. By hosting on their servers your site will receive the advantage of browser optimization, AutoMinify, Lossless data compression, Cloudflare caching, and some others. However, their highest shared hosting plan provides an extra 5 layer caching combined with Varnish, APC, OPCache, Apache Mod_Lsapi, and Memcached.

On the security side, FastComet making use of numerous security measures. With their FastGuard security, you can rest assured that your website in safe hands. The system is there to protect all types of websites against security threats such as DDoS, malicious traffic, Spam, and many others. Furthermore, by utilizing account isolation they are making sure each account stays separate from the others on the same server.

The noteworthy thing that company understands the importance of data security. Therefore where their SSD hosting services are equipped with various security measures they also include free daily backups. For this, you don’t have to pay any additional costs. They keep up to 30 copies for free. Just like any paid backup service, FastComet free backups can also be restored with Single-Click restoration.

As the security of a website is one of the most crucial parts so FastComet won’t stop here. Regardless of what plan you choose they are employing BitNinja Server Security, Malware scanning, Brute force protection, web application firewall, and network firewall. That means you can have peace in mind while sleeping. Plus, while activating SSL for your website you don’t have to bear any complexities.

With most of their hosting solutions, FastComet provides the most popular control panel (cPanel) which makes it enormously easy to take benefit of hosting features. Whether you want to create an email address or subdomains or installation of applications you can do it without any prior knowledge. Using the provided cPanel you can install 300+ applications with Softaculous 1-click Autoinstaller.

Free domain transfer is another freebie that comes along with their SSD hosting packages. They will charge no transfer fee and you will get a free renewal for one year.

FastComet support services remain available without any break. Their Live chat always stays active and they are pretty quick in response. Further, phone and support tickets are available to contact their support department. Unlike most hosting providers, FastComet offers a 45-days money-back guarantee which is huge and enough to take a taste of their services. As a whole, FastComet is well integrated with modern technologies and ease of use however their plan comes with clear traffic and storage limits. Thus make your selection as per your requirements.

5. Siteground — Best for Excellent Support Services

Founded in 2004, SiteGround is among the few hosting which always makes it possible to let their clients take advantage of cutting edge hardware. With their in-house developer team, they have deployed various speed friendly technologies to ensure stable and lightning-fast services.

Even you go with the least or the highest plan you will be presented with a complete SSD storage solution without charging any additional cost. The company is efficiently increasing its datacenter range to deliver the lowest latency services.

If a datacenter situated near your audience the data takes less time to receive requests and send data. This means the visitor will experience fast loading time whenever visit your website. SiteGround is maintaining 5 data centers in 3 continents that mean no matter where your targeted audience belongs from, you can easily locate near them. And don’t worry all of their data centers provide fully SSD hosting.

The best part SiteGround not just focus on delivering fast speed services by solely employing SSDs but also implemented several other speed-boosting technologies. They have applied in-house implementation of Linux containers with Apache and Nginx. Plus, a PHP setup optimized with OPCache to make sure lightning-fast web hosting.

Whenever new technology came into the market the company does not put its customers on wait to take advantage of the latest PHP version, HTTP/2, TLS, and more. SiteGround recently integrates Nginx Direct Delivery that is used to serve static content like CSS, images, and JS files. In this way, they are freeing up server memory for dynamic content and load the static content directly from SSD.

And guess what there is more for ensuring fast speed. SiteGround in-house developer’s team has developed a tool called “SuperCacher” to boost the site loading speed. It caches the content in 3 levels however the most basic plan limited to level 1. They have partnered with Cloudflare making it easier to integrate it with your website by just hitting a few clicks.

SiteGround also put great efforts into maintaining a safe environment for their customers. Even their shared hosting accounts are isolated from each account on the same server using a unique account isolation mechanism. Each year they add hundred of rules in their web application firewall to keep their Anti-hack system up to date.

Other security initiative includes automatic daily backups, regular updates, and server monitoring system. SiteGround was one of the first companies that provide access to their users to free Let’s Encrypt SSL and its automatic renewal. You can activate Let’s Encrypt SSL, without going into any technicalities, which is good for security as well as provide a small search engine ranking boost.

SiteGround holds one of the best customer support department in the industry. Whenever we contact them using Live Chat they respond incredibly fast. Their support team is accessible via Phone, Tickets, and Live Chat. Overall SiteGround is an amazing Contabo alternative for web hosting plans that makes it possible to take advantage of the latest hardware with affordable price tags. However, their plans come with limited monthly traffic so choose the one that best fits your needs.

6. GreenGeeks — Eco Friendly Contabo Alternative

GreenGeeks was founded by Trey Gardner in 2008. It comes with an aim to provide its customers with the most dependable solutions. The company now hosts more than 500K+ websites from their strategically located data centers. GreenGeeks as the name signifies putting their best efforts in providing services like Contabo does. The company helps your site in establishing carbon-free footprints by powering up their infrastructure using renewable energy.

Their hosting solutions is the best call for beginners to intermediate website owners. With no annoyance and availability of all standard features like fast speed technology, 1-click installer, and SSL, etc. you can easily start with the entry-level plan and then gradually scale up without migrating to anywhere else.

Alongside speedy services, GreenGeeks is also a generous hosting provider. They offer unlimited SSD storage to store all of your website files as well as the databases to avoid any bottlenecks for speed. Furthermore, regardless of what plan you choose to host your website, you will be provided with unlimited data transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, and free domain name for the first year.

With the utilization of high-performance technologies, the company is ensuring industry-standard 99.9% uptime. Your website will get the benefit of the latest PHP and HTTP/2. Each of their plans comes with an in-house proprietary caching tool to deliver smooth and fast loading time to your site visitors. To further accelerate your website their servers are optimized with one of the popular web server software — LiteSpeed.

Your website visitor also enjoys fast loading time when you host your website near them. For this reason, they have established data centers in Europe, Canada, and the United States region.

Like other good Contabo alternatives, GreenGeeks does not tempt their customers with just speedy technologies instead they provide the best combination of speed and security. With the help of container-based technology, pro-active server monitoring, enhanced SPAM protection, and security scanning they are well guarding your website against online security threats. There are also free nightly backups and Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL included with each plan.

The company is offering two entry-level hosting packages. You can either go simple SSD shared hosting or the managed WordPress hosting. Both are almost the same in terms of specifications however managed WordPress is specifically designed for hosting WordPress CMS thus gives you some WordPress focused features and optimizations.

GreenGeeks provides cPanel as its primary control panel for managing hosting features. The included 1-click installer in cPanel allows you to avoid application complex installations. Now you can easily install CMSs like WordPress by merely hitting a few clicks.

Customer support is another thing that makes GreenGeeks a great SSD hosting provider for websites. Their live chat is not only quick to get connected support agents but also quick in responding to the queries. The best part, their live chat is available 24/7. Besides chat, there is also a Phone and Ticketing system. GreenGeeks has an extensive knowledgebase full of helpful articles. It is a great place for self-help and learning.

The company provides 30-days whether you want to continue their services or not. And if you already have a website they can migrate it for you for free. Honestly speaking, nevertheless, they do not offer any Windows plans and also their top tier plans (Dedicated server) are slightly higher in pricing but GreenGeeks is a great deal to grab with reliable 99.9% uptime, free domain name & nightly backups and excellent support team.

7. TMDHosting — Best Contabo Dedicated Server Alternative

TMD hosting is not as much popular name as the above-mentioned companies. Established back in 2007 they have got noteworthy amalgam of cutting edge technologies and features to provide your website a rock-solid foundation. The company holds every hosting solution so as to cover the needs of small to heavy traffic enterprise-level websites.

With feature-loaded plans and various perks, TMDHosting is also a good choice if you are searching for a good cheap alternative to Contabo hosting for Windows and Linux servers. For starters, they even launch a Windows server on their Shared hosting plans.

With 10+ years of experience, the company knows the vital measures they should take to ensure secure and fast hosting services. To give a speed boost of up to 20x page loading time they are utilizing Solid State Drives. However, the good thing is that they are not only SSD dependent but they are also employing several caching tools. The company supports flawless integration of Cloudflare which takes part in improving your website speed and so ultimately giving you an SEO boost.

TMDhosting stands among top Contabo alternatives companies with a significant number of data centers all around the world. As you may know the closer the gap between your targeted audience and datacenter (where your website is being hosted) the faster the response time because data takes less time to travel to the user end. So for that reason, TMDHosting offers 7 different locations to choose from. Thus whether your targeted audience located in America or in Europe or the Asia regions you can easily locate your website near them.

As far as the security aspect concerns, like some other best SSD hosting companies, TMDhosting is providing an isolated environment. The isolated environment allowing the company to maintain greater security and control. As each account is operating in a different ring-fenced environment so if somehow an account has malware the other accounts on that same server won’t get affected.

To further safeguard your website from online threats they also perform security updates and using BitNinja web-based firewall. In recovering from any data loss and vulnerabilities backups are the most important part of any type of website. Therefore all of their shared hosting plans come with free daily backups however if you want to restore you need to contact them first. So we always encourage you to have your own backup system that offers you complete control over restoration.

For controlling hosting features they provide easy to use cPanel (popular hosting control panel). Even if it’s your first experience with any hosting provider, cPanel makes a lot easier to understand different features and installing applications using a 1-click installer.

TMDHosting offers unlimited SSD storage where on their very first plan you will get unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email accounts. They make available a range of PHP versions to choose from including the latest 7.x versions. Their hosting account encompasses various freebies such as free domain name for the first year and Free Lets Encrypt SSL for a lifetime duration with automatic renewal.

In the case of any problem don’t hesitate, just open the Live chat and you will see mostly under a min you will be connected to their support channel. Alternatively, you can submit a support ticket, visit their community, or use their US and UK toll-free number. TMDhosting offers a 60-days money-back guarantee which is a good step by a relatively less known hosting provider.

8. Hostwinds

HostWinds is a customer-focused and one of the experienced hosting providers working since 2010. The company caters to the needs of a variety of customers by offering Shared, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting services. Where it is a great host for bloggers, with lots of customization options like managed and unmanaged VPS as well as operating system choice, it is also an affordable place for developers.

HostWinds stand among the most affordable web hosting providers that bring you the reliability and security in the single package. To make sure low latency services the company is operating their Tier 4 data centers from 3 different locations — Seattle, Dallas, and Amsterdam.

Their Shared hosting is equipped with multiple attractive features that make it a great choice to consider it as one of the best alternatives for Contabo while evaluating quality services. Even with such low pricing, the company manages to welcome you with a free domain name and free SSL certificate. However like every other company with a free domain name offer here you also enjoy free domain for the first year while the SSL is free for a lifetime.

HostWinds is making the faster page loading time possible by taking a combination of various speed friendly measures. Alongside SSDs and multiple data centers, all of their shared hosting plans contain LiteSpeed webserver software and optimized MySQL databases.

Like other hosting providers, HostWinds safeguard your website against dangerous threats like DDoS, brute force, and malware. However, besides the tight security protocols backups are the vital aspect of every website. HostWinds do not offer free backups but they do offer nightly backup add-on at a very affordable price tag. The good thing, If you don’t want to buy, now there are so many free backups plugins available so it is super easy to create a complete backup without spending even a penny.

The company offers ideal shared hosting plans for starting a new website however if you need more speed boost they do offer more optimized Business Hosting. The Business Hosting is almost similar to shared hosting except that it features more optimized performance, fewer users per server, and different web software.

No matter either you go for simple shared hosting or Business hosting their most basic plan comes along with unlimited SSD disk space and unlimited traffic. So while uploading you don’t have to worry about media files. However keep in mind, optimized and small size media files put less burden on your website so to deliver expeditious loading times to your visitors.

The beauty of shared hosting that most of the technical parameters are being managed by the company’s technical staff however you still get a control panel that will help you to manage different things like domains, databases, emails, and application, etc. Thanks to HostWinds to that make us available cPanel which is the most intuitive control panel for managing hosting features.

HostWinds offers a Weebly website builder with all SSD shared hosting plans. Weebly is free to use drag and drop website page builder. For your ease, there are a plethora of templates to get started.

In the case of any problem, you are not alone. Their 24/7 Live Chat support is quick in responding. So it’s a good way to talk to them whenever your website in some trouble or you need some information. Additionally, for more in-depth help you can send them email tickets or browse in their knowledge base. A phone call is another quick way of getting help.

9. Dreamhost

DreamHost is a long time running company that is operating since 1997 and powering over 1.5 projects such as websites, personal blogs, and applications. With the blazing fast, secure and stable servers they have got all the essential features to be termed as a top rated Contabo alternative for WordPress or hosting any other application. The company is also on the WordPress.org recommended list.

DreamHost is a stockpile of hosting products. They offer SSD based servers for setting up small websites to businesses level huge traffic projects. Also for the users who don’t mind the cost, DreamHost managed WordPress is the best peace of mind solution that is specifically optimized for WordPress and more managed support (they will provide you full assistance to diagnose almost every type technical problems).

Mostly when people searching for a hosting provider they also need a domain name at that time. DreamHost is a trusted and reliable domain registrar that is offering 400+ TLDs from its platform. Where most companies offer domain names at cheap rates for just the first time and at the time of renewal they almost double the prices. Thanks to DreamHost that not only offers domains with low price tags at the time of purchase but also significantly low cost at the time of renewal. Although Domain is not that much expensive thing but it may be a concerning factor for peoples with a limited budget.

DreamHost categorizes their shared hosting plans as Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited. No matter what plan you choose, all of them come with SSD storage without costing any additional amount. The Shared Starter plan is an excellent affordable choice for entry-level websites where you can host 1 website and unlimited traffic capacity. Furthermore, it also includes a free domain name and facility of WordPress pre-installation. However, if you want to create a custom email address on their Shared Starter plan you have to pay some additional amount which is a little downside attached to this plan.

DreamHost ‘Shared Unlimited’ plan is truly an example of unlimited SSD hosting. The best part of this plan that it allows you to host an unlimited number of domains making it an amazing deal for hosting multiple websites on a single account. You will get unlimited traffic, MySQL databases as well as custom email accounts. For website name, the company offers a free domain name for the first year of account.

With no hassle, you can take benefit of free Cloudflare integration for faster speed and security. The good thing, DreamHost team is very pro-active so whenever there is a newer version of PHP available they make sure to make it accessible to the customers as fast as possible. Currently, they are supporting all the latest PHP versions for smooth website performance.

We think everyone is aware of the importance of downtimes. Downtime means your website is not accessible to your customers/visitors. If your website is experiencing frequent downtimes you will see the visitor going to avoid your website. In order to give satisfaction to your mind, DreamHost not only offers performance-focused and optimized servers but also a 100% uptime guarantee.

DreamHost provides the industry best refund policy where you can ask for a refund within 97-days which is huge. So after investing the money have peace in mind and test their services at your ease.

DreamHost support department comprised of Live Chat, Phone, Emails, and a comprehensive knowledgebase. However, keep in mind their live chat remains available during (5:30 AM–9:30 PM PT). It’s a bit limitation however you should not ignore their live chat efforts. In general, DreamHost houses a good amount of power and all the essentials for small to advanced users hence make it a great Contabo alternative.

I hope this guide will help you out finding the best Contabo alternative for all range of hosting types no matter if it’s shared, VPS, Dedicated, or Cloud.

Cheers 🙂