Survey: Half of Verizon Smartphone owners want to switch to iPhone

According to a recent survey conducted by a Market research firm uSamp around 54% of Verizon’s Smartphone users said that they would switch to Apple iPhone on Verizon when it becomes available. The firm surveyed 700 Verizon customers who had smartphones and asked them will they switch to iPhone, and why?

The responses were not very much surprising, around 66% of BlackBerry users on Verizon plan to switch, whereas around 44% of Android smartphone users plan to switch to the iPhone 4 on their current network.

Want to know why? Here is what they said

When asked why they would switch, respondents cited the iOS mobile interface (60%), the device’s memory (43%), the camera (41%), the iPhone media features (51%), and the web browser (58%).

In other news, uSamp says around 26% of current AT&T iPhone users plan to switch to Verizon’s iPhone.

Via: Mashable