Cloud Hosting for a WP Website, Which One Should I Use?

You may know that cloud hosting nowadays getting more attention than ever, and it is also an excellent way to create a website using WordPress CMS. Though many of the companies out there don’t offer you standard cPanel, but the custom-made dashboard by cloud hosting provider comes with a bunch of great features and usability.

You can install WordPress using custom control panel within a few clicks, and it takes only a few seconds. But, which cloud host, you should choose as there are hundreds of hosts available. Some charges too much money and others ask for few dollars per month probably $3 to $5 per month. For a low-cost cloud server, you can choose Linode as they are one of the cheap providers but picking DigitalOcean or CloudWays also would be a perfect choice.

If you cannot afford the above hosts, here are Digital Ocean alternatives to avail quality cloud server. For hosting your website, you can also try Linode. They are also a sustainable and reputed firm that offers great features and benefits at reasonable prices. You get good customer support from them to fix all of your issues you might face. After deciding which one you choose, create an account and make the required payment and you’re ready to go.

Why Linode for Cloud Storage?

As mentioned above they are one of the top cloud services and deliver more than the money you pay them. They have a base of over 400k+ customer all around the world, cutting-edge server hardware, 99.99% uptime reliability, and SSD drives for storage solution. So you get outstanding website speed and sustainability to handle traffic spikes or sudden traffic.

Another main reason to use them is 24/7 customer support via various channels which make more sense to go with them instead of other providers. You can contact by phone or just select live chat. They also have a large knowledge base to get immediate help for Do-it-yourself purpose.

Linode also has NodeBalancer and data backup option to protect your content from any loss and balancer for maintaining the server performance. There is a broad range of server to choose from and OS platforms as well for all kind of users. Despite a lot of features, if you want to know some similar services, you must Google for similar quality and affordable server.

How to Install WordPress on Linode Server?

It will take a few minutes to install WordPress and create any type of website no matter if its online store, blogging, portfolio, or magazine site.
1. Visit Linode here and check each plan carefully to decide which one should be right for you.
2. Now pick the perfect plan for your site that fulfills your site need.
3. Click on Sign up and create your account.
4. Complete the payment step.
5. Now here choose your application, server configuration, location, RAM, and storage, etc.
6. Just wait for few seconds to complete the process and there you go. Your WordPress CMS just installed, and you can now log in to your site.

And that’s it, you’re ready to publish blog posts on your blog. Craft quality posts and share on your blog. Don’t forget to share on social media networks to gain quick traffic.