White iPad 2′s bezel leaked? White iPad 2 actually exists?

This is insane, but might be true. 9to5Mac just got some images from their tipster that are said to be of White iPad 2! Yes White iPad 2 exists if this image above is to be believed. Apple announced White iPhone 4 last year but never delivered it so that makes White colored iPad 2 even more interesting. This part that is known as “Digitizer” or thick bezel also features a hole for FaceTime’s front camera.  

The piece that we have (from Shenzhen City), thanks to the folks at the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop, is the “digitizer” sometimes known as the the thick bezel.

iPad 2 is expected to have a thinner and lighter design, front and rear cameras, and faster processor. Apple is going to announce iPad 2 in a media event on March 2nd, only then we will know whether this white iPad 2 thing actually exits or not.