Report: Apple to become World’s top notebook vendor by 2012

According to a report by Digitimes, with iPad and Macbook lineup Apple could beat Hewlett-Packard and become the World’s top notebook vendor in 2012. Currently the global shipments of tablets is expected to pass 60 million units this year, and Apple accounts 40 million of them. Similarly in 2012, the tablet market is expected to grow 80 million units and then Apple’s share would be 60 million units.

Other than iPad, Apple has a very strong MacBook line up and Apple is expected to ship 15 million MacBooks next year, that would stretch Apple’s total shipments of notebooks and tablets to 75 million units in 2012. That accounts for 25-30% of the global noteboot market.

On the other hand Hewlett-Packard is expected to ship much lesser units than Apple, based on its past performance in 2010 when it shipped 40 million notebooks and in 2011 when it is expected to ship 45-50 million units. HP also produces tablets but they are no where near to Apple’s iPad as far as shipments are concerned.