Bone Weight Astrology app can be used to impress someone you know and don’t know

Bone Weight Astrology is one of the Chinese Astrology systems that can tell a person’s traits, character and future using his or her date and time of birth. The Bone Weight Astrology system assigns a weight to each of the year, month, day and hour of birth. The individual weights are added together and a reading is given for the combined weight. Heavier is better. It is a very effective system of astrology and can be very helpful if you want to know more about yourself, so Mar Yau decided to develop an App for iPhone that makes it much easier to know about your Wealth, Career, Love, Health and Interpersonal Relationship.

I don’t have faith in astrology but the app was worth giving a try and fun too. You can get this app from the App store on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and use it for your own or to tell your friends about their future and traits and how 2011 is going to be for them. The app can be used to blow away a person’s mind whom you don’t know by telling his or her traits by using this app with a tap of your finger.

The App is available at the App Store for just $2.99