Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Services and Hosts

Cloud hosting is now becoming the commonly used hosting for websites and applications to get maximum stability and performance. Compared to shared servers, cloud storage backed by a bunch of server located around the world strategically to deliver outstanding performance. Nowadays, there are many cheap cloud hosting companies that offer insanely affordable, reliable, and cheap cloud server with a lot of features.

The List of Top Cheap Cloud Hosting Services 2018

1 – DigitalOcean

2 – Vultr

3 – CloudSigma

4 –

5 – Host1Plus

6 – CloudWays

7 – Amazon Web Services

8 – Linode

9 – VPSdime

10 – 1and1

All of above are affordable and cheap cloud hosting services offer great plans and VM machines for all users at reasonable prices. It is best to know how much resources you need before paying for any plan. However, many hosts mentioned in the above list also provide custom plan options where you can choose require RAM, CPU, and storage as well as monthly bandwidth. In that way, you’ll pay only for useful services rather than paying useless or unused features.