Apple Store app now allows you to reserve White iPhone 4 (updated)

Apple updated its Apple store iPhone app yesterday without any noticeable new feature, but there is a new feature that now has been noticed. The app now allows you to reserve a white iPhone 4 for yourself.  Navigating to the store of your chose, selecting the “Reservations” tab, followed by “Reserve Product” will actually allow you to select the white iPhone 4 in either 16GB or 32GB configurations.

White iPhone 4 is not available in the stores yet, but this app update shows that the new white iPhone 4′s release is imminent.

Get the Apple store iPhone app to reserve the White iPhone 4 (Link)

Update: It seems that there is a problem as some users at the Macrumor forums have said “pressed both 16GB and 32GB white options…it says “Because of high demand, we are not currently taking iPhone reservations.