iCloud logo spotted at Moscone Center ahead of WWDC 2011

There you go, seen in the image above is the official iCloud logo. iCloud, that is the latest cloud services offering by Apple is all set to be announced and probably released on 6 June at WWDC 2011 where CEO Steve Jobs will introduce the new service. The photo above was taken at Moscone Center, where WWDC 2011 is going to take place by Doug Bowman who shared it on Twitter.

AppleInsider has posted a few more images of the iCloud logo, have a look after the break.

Interestingly this one says Lion+iOS5+iCloud=WWDC. Looks like Apple is not done yet about convincing people that there’s not going to be any new hardware release at this year’s WWDC conference.

Wow looks like everyone is getting “exclusive” shots of the banners featuring the iCloud logo, above one is from TNW